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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

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Netscape never fell that far behind. It's only real issues had to do with compatibility/page formatting which really weren't Netscape's fault. And even in the years leading up to Mozilla (like version 5 and 6), Netscape did offer browsing features (that we now take for granted) that would take IE years to provide.

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and hit up AOL chatrooms...
I liked Netscape up until the Communicator series--4.x, I think. 4.5 was the worst version of it. It would crash on standards compliant pages if they used things like CSS positioning. Absolutely absurd. Number one, a browser should never crash due to HTML/JS code on the page, and it's entirely unforgivable for it to do so on a page actually adhering to standards.

I abandoned it and never looked back. I went to Firefox for a few years, later on, but then switched to Chrome and that's where I've been for some time now.
Oh, I'm fully aware of the problems it had. I was just pointing out that it did offer some nice features. And there weren't exactly a lot of options back then.

I finally abandoned Firefox myself a few months ago. I've been switching back and forth between Opera and Chrome, but I have issues with both.

And I actually upgraded to IE10 a few days ago. It's definitely the best browser Microsoft has ever released.

If I could find some decent security tools for it, I might just stick with it.
I haven't much to say.
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