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Re: anyone else APPRECIATE chakotay's ethnic bits?

Peyotee was criminalized in the '40s, and then legalized in 1976 for religious purposes only. So, unless I'm reading my google search wrong which is backed up by a hazy memory from some stupid movie... It's all "tribes" who are allowed to start a prayer circle, and they can legally invite any non-first nation they want into the circle. From the movie I recall that some white guy was encouraged to make a donation to the church before the prayer circle started, which was a clever ruse to get around the DEA and the IRS.

Teya, you might not want to watch the final episodes Battlestar Galactica... Or maybe you would? They level the playing field, affirming that no one on Earth from it's centre to fartherest corners could "speak" until Giaus Balter started swinging his dick around with the native aboriginal girls and Starbuck declared her poonanny open season for any caveman brave enough to by ticket.

But then the legend/myth of astronauts gods is old.

Hell, there's even a 70s episode of Scoobie doo were an ancient Astronaut is haunting an Incan Zigerat... But don't be afraid, becuase that turned out not to be a real Ghost.
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