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Re: Is the NX 01 one of the better ships (aesthetically)?

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Uh yeah, I suppose if I had been able to stomach "Enterprise" long enough to make it up to and through season four I would have known that ... but I couldn't so I didn't.
Then you must not have been able to "stomach" TOS either. Spock admired the beauties of Stratos (notably Droxine herself, though I felt that was grossly out of character) in "The Cloud Minders," and when he returned to ShiKahr in "Yesteryear," he reflected in his log about having forgotten how beautiful it was. Vulcans have always admitted to an appreciation of aesthetics and art.
I could go off on how Spocko was half-human, but I don't need to as I never said Vulcans didn't appreciate beauty. All I did say was how I thought it would make for a humorous scene with some Vulcan being irrated at some of the human aestethets flourishes. The humor being rooted in the running gag within Trek of Vulcans constantly finding irratation with humans ... that's it.

What I find truly funny is your determined efforts against an aside that had little to do with the point being discussed. Even further, going after me on a point wherein I am actually in support of "Enterprise" - I liked the look of the ship (exterior) - interior was more of a mixed bag with me.

Another aside:

I checked your blog - Good stuff. I too am a fan of "The Man from UNCLE" and would recommend to you (if you haven't already read it), "The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Book: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of a Television Classic" by Jon Heitland. Whether a fan of the series' or you just love behind-the-scenes books this one was excellent.

And spending time in a hotel in Detroit, brother, you are hands down braver than I. Just looking at Detroit on a map makes me nervous.
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