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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Antares.
B is for Bashir. Julian Bashir.
C is for Chang. One-eyed Klingon bastard.
D is for Denebian slime devil. Nasty little buggers.
E is for eel. Such as the Ceti Eel that went into Chekov's ear.
F is for Friends. Spock always remained one with Kirk, and vice versa. Even in different timelines.
G is for Gorn.
H is for Hairdos. Mid-23rd century Starfleet women often had very tall ones.
I is for Isolinear optical chips.
J is for Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It participated in the Voyager deep space probe program of the late 20th century that indirectly resulted in the creation of V'Ger.
K is for Kirk. 'Nuff Said.
L is for Landru, the Surak of planet Beta III in star system C-111.
M is for the M-5 computer. Garbage in. Garbage out.
N is for Nomad.
O is for Optronic computer technology.
P is for Perrin. Sarek's last wife.
Q is for Q Continuum. No humanoid brain could process and understand what it really looked like.
R is for Rayna Kopec. Dr Sung would have loved her.
S is for Soliton Wave. An alternative to warp drive for FTL travel.
T is for Trilithium. Everybody aboard the Enterprise-D acted as if they'd never heard of it in Generations but it was talked about in the Season 6 episode "Starship Mine."
U is for Unimatrix Zero. The Borg's happy place.
V is for Very Big Explosions, which often occurred in space battles.
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