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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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It was interesting to learn about Londo's first wife, who he married for love but had to divorce. This turned out to be a great episode. The dream stuff worked well, and we got to learn more about Londo.
Londo's spoken about his first wife the dancer before. Remember in "A Voice in the Wilderness" when Londo and Garibaldi are talking and he says how he married a dancer who kissed him on the forehead? That's her.

This is a favorite episode of mine. Very different from the usual but it gives a lot of insight into Londo.

Re: The B5 folks treatment of telepaths, Lyta in particular. Actually, they're all pretty guilty of using her and discarding her when she's done as they asked. There's a *lot* of unconscious prejudice there, both because of her being a telepath and her not being a member of the 'club'.

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