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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I did have the right of way, as when I turn on my green light I am supposed to turn into the rightmost lane...and I did.
She was there first. Trying to occupy the space she was occupying at the same time she was occupying it was impossible, so why were you attempting it?

Watch the video, she turned first. Her trying to force her way through you was a little infantile, but so way you shoving yourself into the intersection with not only pedestrians but also another vehicle in your way.

It's stubborn drivers like you who cause pointless slowdowns on roads because you're asserting your dominance.

Was it a perfect situation that's taught in driver's ed? No. But the only people who were successfully getting through that situation were the people walking. Both you and the other driver fucked up. She forced her way through, you were forcing your way through. I'd hold off on that motorcycle.
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