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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

I've been observing the fandom for about 21 years now, I know the complaints well enough. Just like I know that Voyager is condemned more harshly than any other Trek show (including Enterprise) and other shows get away with the same things it's condemned for.

They have a cure for the Vidiians? They're too important.

They stopped the Krenim Timeship? They're too important.

Their possible role in the Kyrian conflict in "Living Witness"? They're too important.

Their role in the Borg/8472 conflict? They're too important.

Basically, anytime VOY did anything big and cool the audience reacted negatively and said they were having too big an impact on the DQ and its species. Nevermind that all the other Trek shows do the same damn thing and no one cared.
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