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Re: Sisko intimidates Worf

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It probably came from when he learned Sisko punched Q. Even deep down Worf didn't have the brass to hit Q as much as he disliked him.
There is also the scene in Rules of Engagement where Sisko gives Work a world-class ass-chewing. Epic stuff.
Before that, there was also the scene in Sisko's office during Sons of Mogh. The scene starts off with Sisko glaring at Worf across his desk, with the latter staring at his boots. Clearly, Sisko made Worf uncomfortable.
I got on netflix and watched that scene again just because it had been so long. Worf (though understandably so) had difficulty reconciling Klingon customs with Starfleet regs. He got in trouble with Picard for killing Duras and then does something somewhat similar in Sons of Mogh which gets him in trouble with Sisko. I like how Jadzia had to save Worf from Sisko at the end of that scene. Picard did a formal reprimand, but didn't chew Worf's ass with quite the ferocity that Sisko did. Wonder which one Worf felt was less intimidating. :P
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