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Re: The ENT and Melakon

[I really didn't want to post again after myself, but there haven't been any other comments in two days.]

I see my episode numbering sequence was off, as "Broken Bow" is officially counted as 2 episodes. So correcting for that with this entry.

1:05 - Unexpected

TV Blurb: Trip visits an alien ship, gets horizontal, and puts on a little weight.

The old gag of male pregnancy gets reworked here, frequently played for laughs, so this may qualify as Enterprise's first intentional comedy.

The early scenes on the Xyrillian ship do a good job with camera angles, lenses, sound distortion, and lighting to illustrate Trip's initial disorientation on the alien vessel. Intercutting of conversation with Enterprise suggests the distortion is all in Trip's head, as his communications voice on Enterprise sounds unaffected, with no struggling of speech. Technically, it's a pretty interesting sequence.

The concept of holodecks is introduced for the first time, chronologically speaking. A female Xyrillian takes a liking to Trip, shows him around the ship, and together they do some repair work. An unusual mindreading game is shared, though they make no physical contact.

Once back on Enterprise, Trip gradually becomes alarmed at unusual physiological changes he's experiencing, and then Phlox drops the bombshell. From here on, it's a series of situations with characters enjoying Trip's discomfort, with everyone making wisecracks (especially T'Pol, as snidely as Vulcans can muster).

With Klingons always being a laugh riot, a battlecruiser shows up (a D-7 variation, as they didn't have the money for a new ship yet). The Klingon captain threatens to destroy the Xyrillians until given a holodeck recreation of the homeworld ("I can see my house from here!").

In all, a pleasant little piece of fluff with no longlasting repercussions for the crew.
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