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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Mic, why would you not just stay in your fleet and hand the leadership role off to someone else? Seems like the simplest solution. You get to keep your associations, enjoy the base you helped up build, and then have no pressure on top.

Unrelated, Cryptic posted the shot below of the graphically updated D'Deridex. I've had a Pavlovian response to it:

cause players will still come to me with questions and bug me in the middle of my missions, also leader of the fleet might think i am trying to leave or something else.

I'd rather start afresh and not be bugged by old problems, do my missions and stuff i like doing but not being pressured in to doing fleet events and do something for the fleet, I really hate when leader of my fleet asks for ppl to donate yet he fails to do the same....

Also other stuff i don't want to press in the public, but suffice to say I'd rather start in a fleet with less stress on my shoulders.
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