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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Still, they are only causing trouble at this point. Like magneto, they're not doing a good job in proving the people that hate/fear them wrong, although they're not activly making it worse like Magneto does, atleast not yet. But, as Deconstruction of falling Stars showed, garibaldi will eventually be kidnapped by Telepaths, probably these ones, when its at the point where they are just telepaths, so I have a really hard time having sympathy for them. If they want to be treated better, even among the b5 people who in general are a lot nicer to telepaths than most, they have to meet them halfway. I'm not saying they should have just joined Garibaldi's plan (I can see why they might not like that), but the Drazi info could have been a nice peace offering, to show they could work together. Instead, Byron would have let the whole White star fleet die because he's an ass. Standing aside and letting innocent people die when you can prevent it, especially as easily as he could have, is evil, plain and simple. If he has no problems with doing that, he really shouldn't pretend like his group deserves better, when he doesn't treat non telepaths any better than they treat him, when given the opportunity.
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