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Re: New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser!

Yeah, Star trek had flaws, the whole franchise had stupid stuff. The difference is, JJ's stuff has nothing. Its completely void of anything but boobs, quips and special effects. Its Transformers with a Star Trek skin. There wasn't a second of ST2009 that actually had anything approaching a real character or decent story. As a Trekkie, I don't want a mindless action flick. I want a sci fi movie that has more of a purpose then just to get the 13 year olds to buy tickets, which is JJ's bread and butter with these movies. In 10-20 years, people will still remember and like Wrath of Khan. JJ's Trek will just be another generic action movie series that appealed to the teens who think Transformers is awesome.

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So…you're not interested in the new movie then? You plan to save your money and spend it on something else instead? I honestly can't see any other reasonable course of action for anyone who holds the views you've posted. As such, perhaps you'd like to do your blood pressure a favour and not think about this new movie anymore. It's not like it will magically change into something completely different before its release.

Or…you could wait to see it first and then formulate an informed critique. It's a novel idea, I know, but it has been known to work from time to time.
Why would I pay to see it? I saw ST 2009 in theatres, I've done my time in hell. If the first movie was a Transformers knock off by a hack ruining my favorite Sci Fi series, what will this be? Especially when the trailer highlights the boobs and explosions. It will be more of the same. I guess I love Star Trek so much that I'd actually like to see Star Trek again some day, as opposed to Abrams making his version of Transformers.
Your desperation is starting to sound pathetic. You realize that anyone can see that you've have run out of ammo, right?
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