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Re: Stunt double madness

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I'll bet in todays work enviroment there is MUCH less leeway in letting a star do his own stunts*.
Actually I'd say it's more common today for stars to do their own stunts. In the past decade or two, we've had a number of the great Hong Kong fight choreographers come over and train the stars of American movies and TV shows to do their own stunts, in things like Hercules/Xena and The Matrix and Elektra and so forth. Tom Cruise famously did his own climbing stunts outside the tallest skyscraper in the world in Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol. It's actually pretty commonplace to watch a modern movie's making-of features on the DVD and see the actors talk about the weeks or months of fight training they did so they could do their own stuntwork. Audiences today are so critical of imperfection that it's become increasingly necessary for the actors' own faces to be visible in the stunts. So doubles are generally reserved for the really strenuous and dangerous stuff.
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