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I found a copy of the Fotonovel for The Galileo Seven today at Half Price Books - picked it up for around a dollar. Brings my Fotonovel collection up to 4 books. I just love that series in all its glorious cheesiness... They are fun reminders of the days when there were no VHS tapes to watch.
Well I don't remember the days of no VHS or Betamax. But I managed to pick up the whole series of Fotonovels a few years back at a used book store. I think I paid something like $15 dollars for the whole set (these are the ones based on the episodes, not the movie photo novels, which I do have Star Trek II). I just love the photo of Spock and McCoy in A Piece Of The Action with their surprise look to the announcer on the radio, and I think Spock was holding a 45.

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