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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The Paragon of Animals - I figured that the League would still cause trouble sometimes., like not wanting to sign the declaration. Lyta's scene with the dying ranger was interesting, as was learning what its like for a telepath to be in a person's mind when they die. The narration of g'Kar's declaration was cool. The telepath colony is going to be a problem. Byron is annoying. He seems like a guy who would start a telepath/normal person war. He reminds me characters like Magneto, or Kahn. He thinks his people are superior because of their talents that normal humans don't have. If he had the resources, he seems more likely to start a war than even someone like Bester. Byron wasn't even grateful to Sheridan for giving his people a place to stay. He wouldn't have told them about the Drazi trap if Lyta hadn't gotten him to. Also, Byron's quote sounded a lot better when Picard was using it on Q (although Picard didn't go as far with the quote as Byron did). When Byron said it, he just came off as more of a ass.

Also, this was annoying me. what was up with this

G'kar had weird white powder next to his eyes all episode. Its never been there before, and its never explained. Is it a makeup mistake, or just something that gets explained later? Or, did I just miss the explanation? I can't find anything online about it, but it was very noticeable.
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