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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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If people think the Prophets were a deus ex machina plot device, that just means they didn't know what a "deus ex machina" really is, and didn't see the significance of Sisko's call for help.
I do know that if Voyager had done something similar and had Kes beg the Female Caretaker to save them from a Borg Armada, or something like that, no one would see it as anything but Deus Ex Machina.

If there were any real deus ex machina plot saviors in Trek, it's Voyager's main deflector dish, which was always able to solve problems no matter what. Now that's a god-like machine! It's also one of the primary problems I had with the series.
It's no different than how the TOS Enterprise could go anywhere at any speed and always had the right equipment or the right materials to make whatever they needed.
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