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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I got my Vesta two weeks ago for my new character and am loving it. Even though it is still using common white turrets and store bought deflector, shields and engines, its still putting out an amazing 4.8k dps an Infected Space Elite run.
4.8k dps,

I woldn't pay too much notice on what dps you get, its what actual damage you do to the enemy is what counts.

Done so many stf;s by now that I am cringing my teeth and hope we make it through when vesta, sovie, and other large ship shows up on our team, i am like, hope he is really good or we're busted.

Give me small tactical escort any day, I'll actually record few stf missions to show you what i am on about. Expecially when we're doing ISE, large be it Klingon, Fed, Domi, ships take like 50-70% more time to do same task someone with small defiant or a bug, really annoying when yo're pressed for time.

Also programs that do dps count are all rubbish, we tested few and all of them gave different results for the same mission, in one I cam 2nd and another i came 3rd and in one i came last, and we did KASE, btw I took left gates on my own before 3 players took right gates (20 seconds) and I still came 2nd and 3rd on dps count, not sure how you explain that, but I find it odd that little moi can do a job of 3 players, ok 2 and half, one player was doing it part time he was taking down probes and hitting gates.
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