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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Hiya Peeps,

Have a big dilemma,

Currently i am in a fleet that I helped to grow and build up and feel bit overwhelmed with the task, would prefer lesser role but as everyone in the fleet sees me a a true leader i feel too much stress when things go wrong.

So my options are to leave the fleet which i helped to build or try to stick for while longer and help finish tier 5, and move on to another fleet or play a solo for a while.

My toon is set and really not sure I need anything on this main toon. (taken 3 weeks ago),

Fleet helps in getting dill (farming) and with missions, i.e if i don;t know about something i ask and there'll be someone who knows the answer and is there to land a hand. Problem is i have less time for me and fleet takes more of my time, and makes my game enjoyment less and less of a fun and more of a stress i need to deal with, the leader of the fleet doesn't help one bit with his constant barrage of stupid ideas and nonsensical interludes which make me sometimes go nuts.

Thinking what to do, do I join a tier 5 fleet and try to get some gear if so what good fleets you know of that is worth taking a look at?> or go solo and try to enjoy the game more and have fun, after all its why i joined the game in a first place, to have fun.

Suggestions plz,

And any

PS, our fleet is tier 4 level 16 fleet with tier 5 military shipyards and Tier 4 Eng but heading for tier 5.
I'm thinking of sticking with them till tier 4 eng is done and than get my hands on elite weapons and than leave, could take 2-3 weeks tops.

any yes my contribution to this fleet are enormous by any standard you take, my total is 3 million FC on the main toon & 550 000FC on the 2nd toon.

Got 20 000FM, 1.1 million FC as we speak and about 1.5 million refined dill between 2 toons, and 12000 Zen.

Any suggestions for a fleet plz let me know.

Access Denied looks good, and was it Jupiter Force, but are there any other decent fleets i can join that won't be overbearing and let me just play my game and not burden me with nonsense. And no i don't want any leadership roles again, too much stress and nonsense, rather play low profile game from now on.
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