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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

junxon wrote: View Post
ok whats the point in giving a green light to both cars and pedestrians? if thats how it is you have to expect minor shit like this happening
When would you suggest the pedestrians be given the opportunity to cross? When traffic is traveling perpendicular to them from the main road? The green light here is for those either going straight or turning left or right. If there are pedestrians, they yield to them. If not, they proceed through the intersection. It's not all that complicated.

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
I don't want to be overly critical of FC here, but one thing that annoyed me was, yes, what some of the other drivers did was dumb, giving very short notice about changing lanes and squeezing into tight spots, but if you see an idiot do that, why not slow down and give him a little more space?
How much more space am I supposed to give them? The space they're taking up is what was once my buffer area between the car in front of me. So because they're an impatient douchebag who for whatever reason couldn't just slide over behind me (in every instance I wish I also had a rear facing camera because there was never *anyone* behind me) I should slow down even further and just let them on in? I see what you're saying but I'm not going to go out of my way to make it easier for them to be a jerk. I'm not going to speed up and make it impossible for them to get over or nearly cause an accident but I won't make the feel comfortable about the dick move they just made. It's people like the that cause traffic jams by making the driver they just cut off have to slow down to make room for them.
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