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Re: Stunt double madness

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That depends on the TV. For the kind of sets people grew up watching TOS reruns on in the '80s or '90s, sure. For an expensive 24-inch color set with good reception in the '60s, probably. But for the dinky black-and-white set I grew up watching TOS on in the '70s, or with the kind of static or image distortion I often had to deal with when the antennae and knobs weren't adjusted just right? I doubt I could've told the difference.
Perhaps it is a matter of eye, rather than technology. As noted a page ago, I watched TOS on a B&W TV, and eventually a color set in the early 70s, and noticed Kirk's stuntman with no problems (along with stunt performers in other TV series). Reception was not always great on the B&W, but some stuntmen just stood out (another obvious one was Fred Gwynne's for The Munsters).
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