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Re: What the Internet looked like in 1995

Always nice to have these flashbacks.. in 95 i was 20 years old though not much into computers since i didn't have one at home.

It was not until my mid 20s that i actually got one but in the meantime i used one at friends and the university computer room to get online and check stuff out. The amount of information readily available was insane (and i didn't even start to look for porn!).

I remember how Netscape for a time utterly kicked Microsofts ass, how annoying it was to have an AOL CD in nearly every magazine you bought and sometimes just there in your mailbox and what a 56k modem sounded (one of the most vile sounds ever).

I remember when i got my first 768k DSL modem and how lightning fast it seemed and that i had a 2GB volume package per month that i didn't use up.

And i also remember 90s/early 00s style websites and the worst one were the private ego pages you stumbled onto occasionally with their garish colors, embedded music and flashing background.. and people were so proud that they had pulled that off by themselves and were regarded as tech-geeks for being able to code HTML.

I loved that time!
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