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Location: Metro-Birmingham, Alabama
Project: Potemkin "Devil in the Details" S01-H

And now, on the heels of our recent release, we're delighted to bring you "Devil in the Details."

At a Klingon country and western bar and grill at the outskirts of Klingon space, a landing party from the Potemkin encounter a unique artifact and an even more unique lifeform.

Starring Mario Pagan, Doug Harper, Eric R. Moore, Richard Thornton. Special guest stars Cassie Martin and John Lenwell. Featuring Bob Reed, Lori Reed, Jack Harper, John Luttrell II.

This 7min 40 sec vignette was directed and edited by Mario Pagan, written by David Eversole, produced by Rick Foxx, Robert Reed, and Ricky Thompson. Series Creator and Executive Producer: Randall Landers. This particular vignette was dedicated to the memory of Robert Bloch.

You can view it on YouTube:

Please let us know what you think!
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