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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

This is unbelievable. So now my driving is critiqued and hypothetical situations are being made up where I'm the one at fault. First of all...did you see an accident in that video? Maybe that would have been more exciting for all of you, but the fact is that no, no accident happened. I guess that was just a happy coincidence then and not due to anything on my part. I honked because the woman (yes I saw that she was a woman) crossed into my lane for no reason. I *did* slow down to make sure I did my part to let the pedestrians clear my path. I then proceeded because every other time I've turned at that intersection nobody else has been careless enough to turn I to the wrong lane. But like I said...I still avoided the accident. But sure, go ahead and play armchair psychiatrists from a 15 second video. I mean..."General roles"? Seriously? Its called "windows" and I can see through them and identify the people in the cars.

And somehow it comes off as petty for me to make these videos but somehow its funny to take the time to film yourself watching my video....

Someone said it earlier...I do the same thing multiple times expecting different results. And that thing is posting here expecting a civil discussion when all I've gotten in the past is ridicule and people who think they're Dr. Freud analyzing me. I've honestly never posted at a forum where I've encountered so many people who act like that.
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