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Re: Do NOT buy this smartphone

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I got a Huawei(I dont know how you say that. lol) phone, the only problem is the screen keyboard is to small and when you hit one letter it always hits the letter next to it, typing on the move is almost impossible, although the mp3 player on it is very good, they certainly wont be taking over the world if they use their phones to coordinate that take over via texts.
I've mostly heard "Who-ahh-Way"
("Who-ahh" is really more like a slurred single syllable)
I have been pronouncing it Hugh-AHHH-Wieee.

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I don't like screen keyboards. They usually are too small unless the phone has a big screen. And since I grew up using Nokia's logs, I don't want a phone with big display. That's why I bought Sony Xperia Mini Pro:
Now i like the look of that.

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