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Re: Why does Enterprise get so much flak?

I don't know why Enterprise gets so much Flak, either. It did not hit its stride until season 3. This is no different than the other series, except for TOS. But just like TOS, it was canceled too early. I recently re-watched Season 1 and just picked up 2 yesterday. Season 1 was better than I remembered. You really get the feeling how vulnerable they are. Sure it has its bad scenes, but I don't think there were any episodes that were completely unwatchable.

I've always been able to relate more to these characters than any of the other series. I guess because they are more like us. I think I would share Archer's excitement. But unlike him, I think I would be a little more cautious after being shot up the first half of the season. Initially giving Hoshi so many phobias made her annoying. Thankfully those quickly went away. Travis was underused, but other series had characters that didn't do much. Phlox's "medicine" could be a bit too much at times.

Initially, how the Vulcans are portrayed, shocked. me. But it makes more sense now. And they answer many questions about the Vulcans' odd behaviour in Season 4. The Andorian's were great. The Suliban were OK. I thought they could be used more. The Xindi arc had it's high points. But to have a powerful race so close to Earth, you would think they would be part of the Federation. But if you ignore the 23rd and 24th century series, it is very good. The Romulan's were implementing their plans quietly. I wish they could have done a Romulan War arc.

The ship grew on me, just like 1701-D did. The only thing I would change is to not make it too much like a submarine or a Navy ship. For the decks with crew quarters and the mess hall, they should have added some more color. Even today, NASA scientists say for long voyages, you need to include some more earth tones.
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