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Re: Captain Kirk, Authority and the 1960s

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I'm sure it did. The Maverick brothers and Sgt Bilko come to mind. And of course many of these vets wouldn't be in the position to create TV productions (rather than just write for them) until the early Sixties.
Could be, I'm playing devil's advocate not necessarily saying you're wrong. I have never heard this WWII argument for this before. I have heard some of the first biker gangs were formed by vets dealing with having difficulty reintegrating back into society.

The hard part is since most people in the 60s had lived through the 40s to separate what is what.
True, but I'm talking about guys of Gene's generation, who were in their 40s by the time the Sixties rolled around. The first decade of my life took place in the Sixties, but that experience is different than someone who was in their teens or twenties in the same decade. OTOH, some of the "leaders" in the counter culture were guys of Gene's generation like Timothy Leary.

I think Kirk's attitude towards bureaucrats and other authority figures comes the experience guys of Gene's generation dealing with the bureaucracy of the Armed Forces when they served. Joseph Heller's Catch-22 comes to mind.
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