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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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I was able to salvage the video from today after all. This one should be sufficiently "out of the ordinary" for you. The woman nearly hits the pedestrians because she won't yield to their right of way, and then nearly hits me when she go wide into my lane. Both driver and passenger just looked at me, perplexed. Had this ended up in an accident (luckily I was yielding to the peds myself so I didn't start turning as soon as I might have) the video would have proved very useful.
She was wrong to turn while the crosswalk in front of the lane she intended to turn into was still in use by the pedestrians. She was wrong to swing wide into your lane. But you were also wrong to rush to make the turn when by all appearances it looks like you knew full well what was happening.

It comes off like you rushed to make the turn to make a point. Being a good driver doesn't just mean following the law yourself, it also means taking into account other driver's mistakes and violations and not plowing ahead with a legal turn if it's dangerous, even if you have the right of way.

Maybe you didn't know what was going to happen there; I don't know. But as I watched the video, it seemed pretty obvious to me that the van wasn't going to wait, and that it was going to turn wide before you even reached the intersection. I would have just waited for her to complete her turn before turning right myself.

What if she had seen you coming and suddenly swerved left to avoid an accident? Those pedestrians hadn't even crossed the middle of the road yet, and could easily have been hit. Again, I'm not absolving her of her responsibility, since she was way more in the wrong and you had the right of way, but it was still wrong of you to be so impatient or eager to prove a point yourself.

Honestly, it smacks of the vehicular version of those people who get a gun in the hopes of facing a confrontation where they'll need to use it. You seem to want something to happen on camera, so you act impulsively and rush into situations where a little patience would make it a nothing incident. You said most of the people with these videos come off as aggressive, and I see little difference here. You drive offensively, you use the horn to signal your displeasure instead of just to avoid accidents, and you seem unnecessarily angry at other drivers and pedestrians.
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