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Strangely I had only even first heard of Bonamassa a few days earlier on a morning news segment.

Having seen a short clip I had intended to check his music out more thoroughly, now I am planning on buying an album or two. I may go for a live album, as I suspect his stuff will come over better that way.
Being a DP fan, I heard about the supergroup Black Country communion first (Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes bass/vocals, Derek Sherinian (Dream Theatre) keyboard, Jason Bonham drums).

They do some great songs, but this is probably my favourite:

AH yeah I have heard that band before and thought they were good, I didn't know Bonamassa was in them though. And that song you posted is fantastic, loved it.

It's record fayre day in town tomorrow, so that's going on my shopping list.
So it goes.
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