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Re: What ethnicity are you?

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Oh, you should look them up; the idiocy is spectacular! They think pasteurization is the height of evil, that it corrupts milk and makes it bad for you. My half-sister is one, and the height of her irresponsibility came when she happily consumed raw milk, eggs, cheese, and meat whilst pregnant. Or at least I thought that was the height of irresponsibility, until my new nephew was born and she revealed herself to be an antivaxer.
Jesus Christ, if she's so opposed to all the advances in public health over the past couple of centuries, why doesn't she hunt and gather her own food and live in a cave?
You're preaching to the choir telling me that.

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Well I'm white, I call myself Italian but I'm really half Italian, half Swiss.
Well, the Swiss are all something else anyway, right? I mean, there's French Swiss, German Swiss and Italian Swiss.
At least they speak the language and are familiar with the culture, which is more than many people who call themselves "Italians" (i.e. Americans with maybe an Italian great-grandfather) do.
To be fair, there is a pretty distinct Italian-American culture on some parts of the states, but I get what you're saying.

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