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Re: My Review of Insurrection

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I will always view those who laud those movies with heavy praise as the cult within the cult being elitist and snobby.
It's not elitist if it's not meant to actually change what kind of movies they make, to some less inclusive direction. I don't know if even doing that would be elitist. They could do a poop comedy that no-one likes, it would be a different, smaller business but I guess it's debatable if doing a movie with endless mumbling narration would be an elitist move or just a change of businesses from whatever circumstances.

Not that that had anything to do with anything, here people just say what they like and dislike, with no elitist or any other agenda to change anything, so it's the same everyone else is doing, only the likes and dislikes may be similar to those of some elitists, it's just chattering.

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