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I'm wondering why people are even thinking that April or his ship is even going to be in the new movie at all. Those comics are just tie-in merchandise that has little or nothing to do with the movie's plot. Just like those tie-in comics from four years ago had little to do with the plot of Star Trek '09. Did we see the TNG crew in that movie, even though they were in the comics? No.
Thye weren't essential in enjoyin ST09, but they were completely involved in providing depth to the movie's story. Saying "nothing to do with" is just plain wrong. They had everything to do with the movie, but were done in a way to provide a rich context to the Nero character arc - not to leave movie goers clueless if they didn't read the comic. That being said, the Spock mind meld gave us back story, but I feel that the comics were essential to fully enjoy the story. That is just me. I related to Nero's "disturbed" mind-set more.
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