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Re: What is "canon?"

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Sure, but it seems to me that they are in the process of giving at least the supernovels "validity".

Maybe "canon" is the wrong word to use for them.
They do seem to be drawing on the whole of Trek lore for inspration rather than the old mentality that anything besides filmed Trek is worthless. It's cool.
Yes, and that is what makes it interesting for me as well. Not having to 'like' everything about the first nuTrek film, there still was plenty to like. I still am waiting on the edge of my seat for the next one - and that makes this old(er) guy feel pretty damn good.

Re Canon - A life long Trekkie, while it bothered me at first, I no longer subscribe to any one definition of canon. Canon is whatever I want it to be. The screen may be official canon - but I look at all the books and comics as stories that my grandfathers told me - with a little misremembering in them. A bit of truth in them all - some more entertaining than others - but with me being unable to wait for the next story to come along.

Don't sweat canon - Star Trek is too big to let it get you wrapped around the axle - just hop on and enjoy the ride.
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