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Re: So why exactly is AVP1 so bad?

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I wonder why the comic wasn't adapted, or at least the story followed closely.
That's the tragedy of it all...the original miniseries from Dark Horse would have made for a hugely better film. But as you note, the budget would certainly have been a lot higher.
I don't know if it would have been much higher though. The pyramid interior sets would have been just as expensive as any colony interior, and much of the whaling station was constructed as an outside practical set.
I dunno - if you listen to the commentary tracks on AvP, you find out that most of this stuff was filmed in Prague when the exchange rate was favorable for the American dollar. The film's total budget was way below $100 million because of that. They could've easily made a few colony sets for the same price (or cheaper, since they wouldn't need all that fancy sliding walls stuff).
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