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Re: My Review of Insurrection

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I can't help my own emotional reaction either when I see people parade TMP, INS and NEM as great works of art. They have their moments, even The Final Frontier has it's moments, but they will always be failed Treks to me. I will always view those who laud those movies with heavy praise as the cult within the cult being elitist and snobby.

Mainstream critics should matter to most people that support Trek.
I find this view incredibly shallow and anti-individual, it has to be said.

The only Trek films I'd say are great works of art are Wrath of Khan and The Motion Picture. My other favourite Trek films are Undiscovered Country and First Contact, but they're just above average adventure shlock. Insurrection and The Final Frontier are messes but they entertain me, therefore they fulfill their purpose.
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