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Re: What if the PTB had been paying attention?

And I have

"Star Trek: Voyager" (7 episodes)

... aka "Voyager" - USA (short title)
  1. Caretaker (16 January 1995)
  2. Parallax (23 January 1995)
  3. Prime Factors (20 March 1995)
  4. State of Flux (10 April 1995)
  5. Relativity (12 May 1999)
  6. Fury (3 May 2000)
  7. Friendship One (25 April 2001)
So he's in 4 of the first 15.
Then appears in pre-Caretaker scenes of Relativity.
Season 1-2 scenes in Fury.

Then finally shows up and dies before the end.

So he might as well have died in season 1 really.

Its something I wouldn't normally pick up on - save for the fact he was in Relativity and Fury - its as if they thought that they could only get him back in the past!
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