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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

Ok, watched that last one. They didn't "almost" hit anyone. They likely didn't immediately see the pedestrians from where they started, and they slowed and went around once they did. No slaming brakes, they stopped like 10 feet short of them, etc. Feels like you're LOOKING for material to post about, so over-hyping fairly minor things.

Want to know what else I noticed? YOUR car heading into the intersection that was already 'in use'. You can see the van turning well before you start to turn. Yes, if it's 2 lanes, you can expect the van to stay in the one, but you don't even slow down very much, you just barrel on in expecting it to be fine. You claim YOU saw the pedestrians, so not sure how you weren't expecting to have to slow to sort out the van's issue. Unless you wanted to beat the van by using the pedestrians as a blocker to stop the van but let you go? Maybe it's lack of perspective from the camera, but it doesn't look like you helped things on your end, and you had the best view the whole time. You saw the van and the pedestrians, right? How did you adding yourself to the intersection without slowing to a stop resolve that for anyone?
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