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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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1) Out of the ordinary? Really?, not really. Not even a little bit. I see far crazier things than this every week in San Francisco. This just looks like a small oopsie to me. The driver of the van simply overestimated how far along the pedestrians were in the crosswalk, by like... a second or two. They barely even spared the van a glance (the one on the right only looks back when you honk), and she certainly didn't "nearly hit" them. I have been nearly hit by a car, and that's not what this was. The peds didn't even speed up their pace, and the van never got that close to them. She began her turn, slowed down, pulled to the right and toward you a little bit to get around them, and that was it. Not seeing anything worth getting worked up over or Youtube'ing here, honestly.

2) Disclaimer: I don't drive. So I very well could be simply mistaken here... but it looks to me like you arrived at the intersection after she was already halfway through her turn. Wouldn't she have the right of way? Are you really supposed to wait to make your left turn not only for cars making right turns across from you, but also for cars who WILL make right turns but haven't even arrived at the intersection yet?

3) Furthermore, right-of-way aside, when I did BEGIN to learn to drive (hated it, which is why I didn't even bother trying to finish the process ), one thing that was drilled into me: regardless of who has the right-of-way in a given situation or who made what mistake, common sense and safe driving practices dictate that whoever has the last opportunity to prevent an accident is obligated to do so. Even if you had the right of way, wouldn't it have been more prudent to simply wait, and not even pull forward into the intersection at all, since - right or wrong - the van was halfway through the turn when you arrived at the line, and clearly had to wait/go around the peds?

So... as to paragraphs 2 and 3, am I right? Or am I full of it?
Right of way is not dictated by who arrives to the intersection first. Cars going straight and turning right have the right of way and left turning vehicles are to yield to oncoming traffic. In this situation it wasn't so much a right of way situation between she and I, it was the fact that she pulled into my lane (right side) instead of hers (left side) simply because she was too impatient to wait for the peds to cross. I make that right turn every day and haven't had anyone pull into my lane like that before. And per your last paragraph...I actually did wait...for the pedestrians to clear my path. I only pulled forward because a. I had the green and b. had the van followed the rules she would not have ended up in my lane but rather the lane to my left. I honked because all of a sudden she's cutting me off by pulling wide into my lane. Had I not been "prudent" this video would have been evidence for our insurance companies to determine fault of the collision that would have occurred. And yes, she did get very close to the pedestrians, the video doesn't do the distance proper justice.

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I was able to salvage the video from today after all. This one should be sufficiently "out of the ordinary" for you. The woman nearly hits the pedestrians because she won't yield to their right of way, and then nearly hits me when she go wide into my lane. Both driver and passenger just looked at me, perplexed. Had this ended up in an accident (luckily I was yielding to the peds myself so I didn't start turning as soon as I might have) the video would have proved very useful.
Man, that's riveting stuff. The tension is killing me.
This is what I'm talking about. There's no need to be sarcastic. You're just baiting at this point.
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