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Re: Same-species ship; not very UFP?

however the question has to be whether they believe every species has equal "rights" even if there is such inequality. I'm hoping this is the case.
Should it be, though? Solok has a point in that a species that's, say, wheelchair-bound or much shorter than average or perhaps suffering from dyslexia might find life happier in some role other than Starfleet frontline service, and in that the Federation is much better off if those species are not allowed to participate in its frontline defense. Similarly, Solok would have to admit that a species superior to Vulcans might be outside the parameters of ideal Starfleet cannonfodder, and might be destined to, say, rule the UFP or do its cutting edge research.

But such segregation only extends to one narrow area of life, the practicing of a profession. Does this really detract from the equality of a species? Bajorans had found a caste system so perfectly workable that they apparently stuck to it for hundreds of thousands of years - the ultimate proof of concept...

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