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Re: "Bread" (Feb/Mar 2013 Independence challenge)

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Faith is canon, or at least it is in TOS times as Uhura rather clearly refers to a "son of God". But then it's kind of shunted to the side and is diminished but that's just not how humans are. And the grand post-WWIII unification of humans couldn't have, I feel, been accomplished 100% without faith. After all, those people had to have been pretty desperate. And faith can often comfort the desperate.
Absolutely. DS9 clearly makes that case with the Bajorans. In their time of confusion after the Cardassian occupation, faith is shown to act as the only thing holding them together as a people. So why not Humans after WWIII?

Plus, we see other species (except, I suppose, for the Xindi and the Valakians/Menk), where the behaviors are a monolith. Everyone seems to be the same and the peoples are almost interchangeable parts. And that's just not realistic. For us humans, we have myriad differences, and faith is but one of them (nation origin, race, sexual preference are a few others of course).
Agreed. It is not very realistic. I mean, if you think about all the diversity on our own little planet, you realize that out there things might be even more diverse.

I wanted the MU Leah and Josh to be almost like Spanish conversos. They would have to maintain secrecy in order to maintain any sort of an individual identity, whereas the Prime Universe is celebrating the differences. Light vs. dark, freedom and independence vs. slavery and submission; I do hope those came across.
They do, definitely. Going from one universe to the other and seeing how far apart they are drives those oppositions home. So all that talk about belonging to the same tribe, and needing to find someone from their own tribe, is that their way of sticking to their individuality against the Empress's oppression?
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