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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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On the issue of skirts, they originally put the women in trousers and it was a woman's idea to put them in miniskirts. Likewise in the movies the women wore trousers and it was a woman's idea for a skirt to be added.

My local restaurant has switched from trousers to dresses for its waitresses and it was the waitresses idea.
That's true. Any actress with a decent set of pins is willing to show them off, and for this I am grateful.

And I read somewhere that at the time of TOS, women considered the miniskirts daring and fun rather than sexist, even though they knew the look would not fit a real military workplace.

The only trouble is, Gene Roddenberry (according to INSIDE STAR TREK) was always insisting that skirts be shorter than costume designer W.W. Theiss wanted. He often sent actresses back to Theiss for hemlines to be shortened right up to the anatomical limit. His heart was in the right place; he just went a little too far.

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