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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Angel and Faith #20 was fantastic. Spike and Faith's quips back and forth were great, and Rebecca Issacs art was awesome as usual. Things seem to be reset a lot on this book, and what I mean is that Angel and Faith will be thrust into some kind of dire situation, there will be a lot of yapping about the Giles resurrection plot, and then they'll get out of that situation and we will continue on with it. Angel has STILL yet to realize that this probably isn't a good idea, even with everyone at one point or another that it isn't...and now he's managed to get Faith on his side, because they're so close. I still have a bad feeling this isn't going to turn out very well. Still those points aside, I enjoyed this issue a lot. Issacs will be doing the art for the remaining ten issues as well which is good news.
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