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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Durka Returns: This was beautifully shot. I loved the running scenes through the ship, the camera angles really captured that they are running through tubes in a living creature, full of twists and turns. Very atmospheric.

Now Chiara, I assume a million people have said this before but she reminded me strongly of Blade Runner's Pris.

Fantastic costuming too!

Not sure why Chrichton is all torqued up about DID she or DIDN'T she kill her captor. Guy was imprisoning and torturing her and taking her back to have her mind wiped.. if she had to kill him to escape I can't see this as a character flaw. Wouldn't Crichton have done the same?

Durka himself.. his accent was the same as the Neimodians who I always thought were a hoot so I was kind of chuckling through a lot of his delivery. A very good episode, quite gripping. I think the way they are using Moya's pregnancy is well done.

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