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Re: Brannon Braga on the Borg in Voyager + his thoughts on the show

If Picard and Bev hooked up...

Would they be forced to share one of the rooms they already had, or would they knock down some walls to make a living area which is equal to the Captain's + The CMO's accommodation stipend in square feet? Logically considering that the "same" ranked officers are most likely to hook up, meaning that there has to be at least one love connection between Captain, the CMO, The Chief Engineer, the XO and the Science Officer, that if it wasn't for the likelihood of a Romulan torpedo hitting them all with one lucky shot that the command staffs beds have to be as far away from one another as possible, otherwise it turns into lord of the flies with the Ensigns getting all tall and scary... The XO handles the crew, or at least hir staff does, which includes billet assignments, so it's the XO's job to play cupid and figure out who in the next year or two after being posted to their ship is going to be bumping fuzzies that any two or three people should have adjoining quarters that can be easily reformatted with a cutting torch into an Imperial Suite.

The First Officer is a Matchmaker.

If you find that there is an unbelievably attractive man moving in next door to you... That's not luck. That's Chakotay or Spock, Riker or T'Pol suggesting that you grab that piece of ass and hold on for the ride of your life. Ship board this has to change the very nature of wedding speeches... "I didn't want to be manipulated by Commander Riker, so I walked to the furtherest quarters away from my room, knocked on the door and instantly proposed out right to the person who answered. In all, things could have worked out worse."


Which convenient neighbour was Seven supposed to fall in love with when Chakotay assigned her Quarters in season 6 or 7? ...Was that just the holodeck, but I can swear that she got a room assignment to compliment the cargo bay as her body was going through changes.
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