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Re: HD Remasters of 'Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-2'Coming to the

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^ Although I've never had a chance to play X-2, I have to confess that, based on everything I've read and heard concerning the game, I find the amount of hate it seems to garner puzzling, as the story and game mechanics actually sound really cool, and I think it's neat that all 3 of your playable characters are girls because the FF series hasn't given us enough female protagonists, at least IMO.
It hasn't, and if any of the three were done well, I'd be pleased. Paine is a poor man's Lulu, Yuna loses her development from X, and Rikku is a static, flanderized version of the character she was in X.

The story is lackluster and the world is changed in some incredibly stupid ways, New Yevon being the most egregious. To say nothing of the "best" ending being the worst possible thing the game could go for considering what it invalidates.

The gameplay actually was fairly fun, I'll give it that. It'd be nice if a new game used the job class system again. My only real complaint about the dress sphere system is how useless the "ultimate" ones were compared to the utility of the more mundane ones. From the perspective of playing a video game and ignoring the story and characters, I think it was a great bit of fun. But personally, story is what I go...well, what I *went* to an FF for.
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