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Re: Is Kirk a Well-Defined Character?

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Perhaps of interest to this thread is a bit of commentary from the October 14, 1981 de Forest Research memo for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

a collection of antiques - Kirk has NEVER collected antiques. Perhaps a line might be planted that he has developed a new interest. (One of the problems with the Kirk character is that he was never consistently written. He was always what the writers needed THAT week.)
Thanks, Harvey. That kind of sums up my whole issue for starting this post. Where can we see more Kellam de Forest Research memos? I mostly know the name from THE MAKING OF STAR TREK.

BTW, it was many years and the advent of the Internet before I knew that Kellam de Forest and Deforest Kelley were both using their birth names and the similarity was a coincidence.
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