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Re: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead #7: "The Unreturned Prodigal"

Act I commentary:

Well, Captain Maxwell came across as extra-dickish here. Granted, Leone is a legacy officer, but the guy could have at least have given her the benefit of the doubt before kicking mud on her boots. Although, Maxwell did catch Krys red-handed with the comment about Ďdonít go whining to your momís friendsí just as she was going through her mental rolodex to choose whom to complain to first.

And whatís up with Kincaid and this mystery love child? Perhaps a mistaken genetic profile, or is there something more sinister at work here?

The talk between Greg and Caryn was touching, and gave the reader some terrific background on Ensign OíDay. What is it about the idea of talking to a Starfleet counselor that gives people such fits? Is there, even in the 24th century, a stigma attached to seeking emotional help when itís needed? People will always spill their guts to the shipís bartender, but will walk across broken glass before seeking the services of an actual mental health professional.

Terrific opening act!
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