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Re: New STID pics

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Even kesser gets a dress uniform !!!!!
Keenser is [and always was] a StarFleet officer. As such, why would he NOT have an SF uniform?
Shilliam Watner wrote: View Post
Nero's Shadow wrote: View Post
IMO that's the bridge from a former enterprise when a captain Robert April was in charge if you look at the uniforms they look like a cross between the kelvin era colour and era and the transition between red blue and gold uniforms. Also the black arms might be the undershirts the crew where EG like kirk where,s in the 09 film ?
But April wears a gold tunic in the 'Into Darkness' comic.
The IDW comics are NOT known for visual accuracy. April should be wearing a USS Kelvin era uniform, which would be more accurate. In the bridge photo, the uniforms are closer to USS Kelvin era in style. This leads me to believe it may be a scene depicting April's Enterprise... perhaps a flashback sequence?
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