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Re: My Review of Insurrection

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I really enjoy The Motion Picture, The Final Frontier and Insurrection whenever I watch them. It isn't an elitist thing, it's an emotional reaction I can't help. Mainstream critics' opinions don't really matter to me as they never really understood Star Trek anyway.
I can't help my own emotional reaction either when I see people parade TMP, INS and NEM as great works of art. They have their moments, even The Final Frontier has it's moments, but they will always be failed Treks to me. I will always view those who laud those movies with heavy praise as the cult within the cult being elitist and snobby. I don't believe there is any deep profound meaning in any of those Trek movies, and I don't consider them "artsy Trek movies". I think they are bad movies in general and often times unintentionally funny. I'm not changing that view and it's my right to have that opinion.

Mainstream critics should matter to most people that support Trek. Mainstream critics influence the general TV audience and average movie-goer and I think most critics these days do get Star Trek. Perhaps not in 1966, but since about the 1980s to present day most critics have likely figured it out. If you don't get enough ratings or box office sales, you won't always get Star Trek. TV Guide has long been a supporter for Star Trek, but even they started harping on the franchise during the tail run of ENT.
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