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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Neelix had some good points, like that episode with the imperialistic aliens who 7 let out of stasis, in a moment of compassion, that nearly nabbed voyager, it was neelixes research that found them to not be peacable explorers like they claimed.

DAMN IT THOGUH, failing to follow up on that episode was a huge blunder...
I'm not a big Neelix hater because I loved the fact that he tried to make Tuvok crack a smile.
To me that just seemed the height of arrogance. Instead of realizing he's on a crew with diverse cultural beliefs, he decides he's going to inflict his own beliefs on Tuvok regardless of whether he likes it or not and that there must be something wrong with Tuvok because he doesn't behave as Neelix wants. Some morale officer.
Deep down Tuvok was laughing AT him. Never with him.
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