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Re: Has star trek changed

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Which cool futurist ideas were those?
The idea that humanity would co-exist with each other without borders and exploring the stars would be a combined human endeavour and not limited to soley one nation/country, gender, or economic class of people. It was a bit more of a radical idea in the 1960s. Roddenberry believed that the pursuit of science and technology is not a bad thing but something that can educate and open doors to mankind. It was not a dystopia sci-fi universe he presented. One of the core tennants of Trek was that of opitimism. Granted it got heavy handed and messages were often delivered hamfisted, but it was a TV show and they had to entertain people too. Which is why there are adventure and comedy stories sprinkled in there as well as a lot of opitmism, political messages and/or soul searching.

Now we may not get transporters or warp drive anytime soon, but tricorders, communicators, teleconferencing, a paperless society, touchscreens, and PADDs were all ideas pushed further into the mainstream concisnous by Star Trek moreso then any other franchise. Even if not all those concepts had their origin from Trek. And while the credit certainly does not go all to Roddenberry, the man as a futurist set the franchise bible out there for other writers to pick up and run with. Without GR around, modern Trek doesn't seek out the futurist angle as much, it basically has settled with what was established from TNG and hasn't expanded that much beyond it as the last two Treks have been prequels.
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